Kitchen & Ventilation Services

At DNJ Mechanical, we’re prepared to see to any of your industrial kitchen needs. We specialize in providing high-quality custom services from hood installations to Ansul systems for commercial food service industries.  We use state-of-the-art tools and the most modern techniques to deliver services of unmatched efficiency.

Our expert technicians are fully trained and certified to provide a diverse range of installations and fabrications to fulfill all of your kitchen-based requirements.

Hood Installations

Safety and compliance are of paramount importance in the food service industry. DNJ Mechanical provides only the finest-quality equipment and installation services, certified by a wide range of manufacturers. Whether you’re improving your kitchen or opening a new one, DNJ’s hood installation services ensure your kitchen receives the ventilation it needs to remain safe and sanitary.


ANSUL Fire Suppression Systems

More than any other brand, ANSUL products prevent more kitchen fires than any other manufacturer. DNJ Mechanical and our team are fully trained and certified to install and maintain ANSUL systems in any kitchen safely and correctly. Our installation guarantees a safe and effective solution to prevent fire-related hazards from occurring in your kitchen.



DNJ Mechanical offers cost-efficient installation for the most modern and innovative kitchen control systems. These state-of-the-art controls allow you to calibrate everything from ventilation to temperature and more. Our diverse range of control systems give you the chance to oversee and regulate your entire kitchen infrastructure with ease.



DNJ Mechanical knows the importance of proper kitchen ventilation. And our team can install brand-new ventilation systems into your kitchen that adheres to local fire codes and keeps the air clean and free from smoke, grease, steam or any other airborne fumes.